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  • Hanoi 189 Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi 42 Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
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“ Pure bliss in the heart of Hanoi ”

Why SpasHanoi

Why SpasHanoi

Escape from the fast-paced lifestyle: Leave your worry and anxiety behind and come to SpasHanoi, you will enter other-worldly space with no crazy traffic jam, no crowd, no high-risers, no computer or smartphone with a long list of works. Our space is instead teeming with scent of aromatic oils and natural herbs, sweet and gentle melody, smiling faces of hospitable therapists and aestheticians. The hustle and bustle on your daily basis will be replaced by the relaxing space – which we believe that the most lacking thing in today’s world.


Feel your body really moving: Let your certified therapists wake up the deepest organs in your body and keep your hard-working muscles relaxed with different types of massage. We believe that after a combination of our special techniques such as Swedish Massage, Foot Reflexology, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage…, your body will be relieved from muscle pain and the lack of flexibility, and brought into the balance.


Balance your mind and spirit: We believe that the best things always come from the nature. This is a reason why we use various aromatic oils extracted from flowers, trees, or fruits in our therapies. The precious essences and the sweet and exquisite fragrance of these aromatic oils will not only nourish and moisture your skin but also create a truly natural relaxing space to balance your mind and spirit.


Total rejuvenation: When it comes to rejuvenation, we mention both physical and spiritual aspects. Our treatment is specially designed for the complete detoxification and revitalization of your facial and body skin to make your feel and look younger and healthier, and give your new strength and energy.


Renew your appearance: Massage services aside, SpasHanoi will be your sanctuary in Hanoi in terms of nails and manicures. We offer a wide selections of nails and manicure’s services such as Basic Manicure, Almond Spa Manicure, Polish Change, Pedi Express, and so on.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy a good massage no matter they are a luxury travellers or budget local.

Our Vision

To create a friendly and warmhearted spa environment and provide the best massage/ beauty service possible for all of our clients.

Core Values

We are Hanoi locals who wish to take good care of others with genuine and sincere services.

Our services

We offer foot massage, body massage, facial treatment and nail services.

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