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I loved my aroma therapy massage here. They are super professional and welcoming, it's so nice and clean there and you are a treated like king and queen. They accommodated a couples massage for me and my partner. We left feeling so sleepy and relaxed!

Sep 10, 2023 by Sophie Fitzgerald

Amazing experience! They were really professional and make you feel so comfortable!

Sep 10, 2023 by Pierre Berthome

Updated 2023: Wonderful massage for my group of 6. Masseur really took note of special mentions and adjusted the massage accordingly to focus on those areas. Body scrub was also good -generous application of the coffee scrub.

1st Review, 2019, old branch: Thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Spas Hanoi Luxury branch. Staff were friendly and we were pampered right from the moment we entered. We were served rice tea and sweets while filling up the registration form which asked for info such as strength of message, and any body parts to take note of, etc. I did the SpasHanoi Signature which consisted of a body scrub and 1h Vietnamese massage, while my dad did the massage only. We were first given a simple foot wash before being led up the lift the a massage room (with 2 beds and a bathroom). Massage room was comfortable and nicely decorated, with soothing music in the background. Our masseurs were both skilled and provided us with personalised massage - for instance, my dad's masseur applied lighter pressure. Initially I thought my masseur's pressure was rather light for my legs and thigh area, but towards the end,she had me on my back balancing on her knees. Green tea body scrub was also really nice too. Shower facilities in the bathroom was standard, but do not expect a shower cubicle/door etc. My masseur even ensured there was an additional pair of shorts and towel already hanging inside the toilet before I went in to take a shower.

Sep 10, 2023 by Bao -

매우 친절하고 실력있는 마사지사들이 많다. 이 곳에 꼭 한번 다시 가고 싶다

Aug 30, 2023 by 왕캣

I had the Skin refresh. It was the most amazing massage I have ever experienced. The coffe scrub was divine and the facial was so beautiful. The service is incredible. Would definitely recommend. Thank you 🙂

Aug 26, 2023 by Leah Jones

We did a family Massage of 4 people. it was an amazing experience. The best massage ever. We strongly recommend Spa Hanoi. For sure you will love it. We will be back

Aug 23, 2023 by Ana Candelario

Very good massage(s) and incredible service all around. Would 100% recommend.

Aug 21, 2023 by Juliane Reipsch

하노이에 머무는동안 딱 2곳에서 마사지를 받았는데, 2번 다 여기서 받을걸....
1시간 베트남 코스로 받았는데 오후1시까지 해피아워라 10프로 할인해서 받았어요.
진짜 너무 시원해서 받고 나와서 잠 덜깬 상태로 비틀비틀 걷다가 카페 들어갔네요
까다로운 한국인들에게 높은 별점을 받은 가게라면 그 이유가 있는 것 같습니다.
비싸고 유명한 스파들 가는것도 분명 좋을것이지만, 가난한 배낭여행자들에게 이정도 합리적인 가격에 이정도 마사지 퀄리티면 대대만족..
하노이 다시오면 여기서 1일 1마사지 할겁니다 진짜루요 ...

Aug 20, 2023 by Min _

Very nice experience, clean, well organised, lovely staff. We came twice in our few days in Hanoi, and we’ll come again.

Aug 16, 2023 by mike smart

한국인들이 왜 좋다고한지 이해가됐네요.
평소 목어깨가 안좋았는데 핫스톤 개인적으로 좋았습니다.
친절하고 웰컴티&마무리티까지 즐거운시간이었음.
담에 또 가고싶음.

Aug 06, 2023 by 미쎄쓰

It was really kind, and the welcome tea and egg crackers were so delicious~ They did it according to the intensity of the signature massage and the taste you wanted.
I was so surprised and thankful that you did this meticulously for 90 minutes.
7 people, including children, went and everyone complimented that it was so good.
Totally recommend

Jul 31, 2023 by NaHyun Lee

여기 후회 안하실거에요 저 리뷰 안남기는데 여긴 진짜 미쳤음..3박4일 여행동안 마사지 4번 받았는데 여기만 올걸.. 나중에 기억하려고 쓰는 리뷰임 여기 마사지 강도 적당히 쎄게 잘해주고 가장 대칭적이고 가장 전신으로 해줌

Jul 28, 2023 by 김주희

딥티슈 마사지를 받았는데 정말 생각 이상으로 좋았습니다! 오리엔트도 갔었는데 거기보다 여기가 더 친절하고 너무 시원하게 해주시네요!! 저흰 내일도 또 올겁니다! ㅎㅎ

Jul 23, 2023 by 박준용

친절합니다..마사지도 잘 받았구요
처음와봤는데 좋은경험 한것같아요
마사지사분들도 넘 귀여우시고…친절하세요…

Jul 23, 2023 by 누리김


Jul 23, 2023 by Ting

Heerlijke full body massage gehad! Prijs kwaliteit verhouding is echt top en je ligt in een aparte rustgevende ruimte met achtergrond muziek. Alles was ontzettend schoon en je wordt ontvangen met een kopje thee. Aanrader!

Jul 23, 2023 by Jake OHair


Jul 23, 2023 by 小陈叔叔

Everyone was incredibly nice and friendly. We had a wonderful experience here and the prices were very reasonable. I got a foot massage and will be coming back here.

Jul 23, 2023 by Eilun Richardson

Had a wonderful full body massage! Price quality ratio is really top and you are in a separate relaxing room with background music. Everything was very clean and you are welcomed with a cup of tea. Recommended!

Jul 22, 2023 by Kim de Schaaf

마사지사가 매우 열정적이고 만족스러워요(╹◡╹)♡
내일도 또 가고싶을 정도로 개운하고 기분좋은것같아요

Jul 21, 2023 by 신현우


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